About Penny Bingo

Penny Bingo is a different kind of bingo site. Other sites just tell you about the bingo rooms that are online and that’s about it. Penny Bingo, though is here to help you find cheap bingo games. Bingo is a social game, but it can also be expensive at 50p or even £1 a card, so we thought we’d put together a site where players can find the cheap bingo games and the best times to play!

In 2015 we decided to merge Penny with another one of our sites “Play Bingo” – this has seen reviews added to the site so that we can build up the brand name.

Who Is Penny Bingo?
Penny Bingo is the face of the website. In a curious coincidence, whilst looking for someone to manage the site, we were fortunate enough to meet Penny. She was interested in bingo, liked the sound of the job, and even had the name to match. On top of that, she was the best candidate too!

You’re Having a Laugh! So Who Really Runs Penny Bingo?
Penny Bingo is actually run by the lovely duck people from Loquax Ltd. With a successful competition portal and a number of other bingo sites running, they put together this brand new site. Whilst ‘Penny’ only exists in the virtual bingo world, her views and information about bingo are provided by real people.

The Aim of Penny Bingo
We simply want to help people find cheap bingo games and enjoy playing bingo online!

If you need to talk to us – free free to get in touch