All About Bingo Bonus Offers


If you play online bingo then you’re going to come across bonus offers. These are incentives offered by brands to encourage you to sign up and join them or to continue being a depositor. These bonuse come in all shapes and sizes. And with recent changes to how bonuses are awarded they’ve got a tad more complicated. Once it was easy to differentiate between a no deposit bonus and first deposit bonus. Now we have to consider spins, bonus spins, whether free is free and also wagering terms. So here’s a handy guide to explain what’s what in the bonus terms when you play bingo.

Before we get on we need to mention terms. These are the conditions that you’ll see under pretty much every bingo site listed here on Penny. Most people ignore them, but The UKGC like to see them and they are important. These terms give you an idea of what a bonus is, the minimum deposit required, the maximum bonus you can get and any wagering terms that may apply. Wagering terms are the amounts you need to wager before you can withdraw winnings. These may be 0 (no wagering) up to as high as x99 for some slot sites.

1. No Deposit Bonus

This is usually a credit to your account so that you can play at a bingo site without first making a deposit. It’s a freebie but it’s use is usually restricted to selected games or rooms. Most sites that offer you a no deposit bonus will still ask for credit/debit card details when you register otherwise you may not get the bonus. Wagering terms usually apply.

2. First Deposit Bonus

This is a bonus awarded to you after you’ve made a minimum first deposit. Most sites will offer between 100% and 500% on your first deposit. So for example a 300% bonus means that for if you add £10 to your account you’ll receive a £30 bonus from the bingo site. Some operators will also reward you for second, third and other deposits (also known as a reload bonus). These bonuses will have wagering terms.

3. Free Bingo

Free bingo is free bingo – i.e. you don’t have to pay to play the game. In some cases free bingo rooms are open to new players (newbie rooms see below). Other free bingo rooms are only open to qualifying depositing players. Prizes may be cash, so no wagering terms apply, or will pay out bonus money. If it’s the latter then wagering terms apply.

4. Newbie Room

Instead of offering a no deposit bonus some sites will give you access to a newbie room. This is usually time limited and depending on the brand access is either free or after you’ve made a deposit. Either way the games are exclusive to new players and prizes are normally paid out in bonus money. Wagering terms need to be considered.

5. Spin Bonus

Players are invited to spin a wheel to determine whether they’ve won a prize. These prizes may take the shape of spins, free bingo tickets, cash prizes or no wins. Look out for wheels that offer guaranteed wins. Our favourite spin the wheel bonus is currently at Buzz. This is because it’s open to non-depositors.

6. Free Spins

Some sites will offer you slot spins as a welcome incentive. Instead of playing bingo you play on a selected slot and any winnings offered as a bonus or cash prize. No wagering sites such as those on the Real Money Network will offer cash, but the prizes are capped. If wins from the spins attract a wagering term then be wary. Slots and casino bonuses attract higher wagering requirements so just be wary. You don’t have to use bonus cash – and in some cases, especially where wagering requirements are high, it may be more prudent not to use a bonus. Our best advice is read the terms carefully!!