Bubble Bingo Review

Bubble BingoBubble Bingo is the latest addition to the impressive roster of bingo games that you can find at Tombola. It joins unique variants such as The Machine, Paper and Hex. We’ve been a bit lax updating our games section here at Penny so expect to see a few more updates in the coming weeks. However let’s start with the newest kid on the bingo block. Bubble Bingo is a 30 ball game with a massive twist – there are no bingo numbers! The premise of the game though is the same as any other as you need to complete your ticket before anyone else, but what comprises the ticket?

How To Play Bubble Bingo?

Login to Tombola and head to the Bubble Bingo tab to find a selection of three rooms available to play in. These include burst, pop and drift. When the game originally launched Tombola had more rooms available so we guess they can add extra rooms depending upon demand. Each room has a limited number of players to give you a better chance of winning. Bubble Bingo games are mult-stake so this means you choose your ticket price but everyone plays the same game. You can choose to play 10p, 25p, 50p, £1 or £2. After that it’s ready for eyes down!

Inside the Bubble Bingo game you’ll find your tickets. As mentioned there are no numbers involved with Bubble Bingo so instead you have three different coloured tickets. These are red, green and blue. Floating around the centre of the screen are 30 bubbles which pop in turn to reveal coloured marbles. As the marbles appear they fill the gaps in your bingo ticket with the aim to match 10 marbles of the same colour to get a full house. A fixed jackpot prize is also available for getting a full house in 14 calls or less.

Is It Really Bingo?

Now you might be thinking how does this actually work? If everyone is playing the same game then surely everyone wins? Well this is where Bubble Bingo is different to a traditional bingo game. In the latter numbers are drawn from the same pot and all players react to the number calls. In Bubble Bingo this doesn’t happen. Your first marbles may be blue, blue and red. However another player may be seeing red, green, red. You’re basically playing an instant win game against other players but their instant win game is different to your one although you’re both trying to get 10 marbles of the same colour first.

Having played Bubble Bingo at Tombola we can definitely say it feels like bingo but it does get confusing when other roomies are calling for 1 red when you’re waiting for 1 blue to win a full house. In our view it doesn’t quite have that same collective feeling when you’re watching the numbers being pulled from the pot and the knowledge that that number could be a win for you or another player. That said it is quite a relaxing game and a nice variant on a theme. It is difficult to make bingo sufficiently different from a basic game and once again Tombola have shown their inventiveness whilst other operators demonstrate none whatsoever.

Where Can I Play Bubble Bingo?

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New Players Only. Deposit from £10. First deposit only. Any winnings can be withdrawn. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn. T&Cs apply 18+. begambleaware.org. Terms Apply. #AD