£10000 Summer Scorcher 1p and 2p Bingo Games at Posh

Posh Bingo is sizzling this summer with five special online bingo games where you can win a total £10,000 guaranteed! Play the £10K Summer Scorcher bingo games from Thursday 26th August till Monday 30th August. Each of these bingo games has a prize pot simmering away with £2k in guaranteed money. Play the Summer Scorcher games every day and scoop up all that hot moolah!

The temperatures at Posh Bingo have hit the roof with this new bingo promotion. With five 90 ball games with a big bingo jackpot in each one even if the weather is not so hot outside, at Posh Bingo it is going to be scorching! Not only is there all this marvelous money to be won you’ll be spending just peanuts on the tickets. Tickets for the Summer Scorcher bingo games are just 1p for the first game and 2p for the remaining four games. So log in right now and pick up your tickets for the hottest online bingo games this summer.

Play penny bingo for a big fat cash jackpot five days in a row and rake in the riches. Each game gives you three chances to scoop a cash prize. Play 90 ball bingo and grab as much of all that lovely money that is on offer. Be the first to complete the first line and win £300. Get the two lines first and win £500. Shout bingo on the full house before anyone else and you can grin all the way to the bank with a £1,200 cash jackpot!

You can buy your tickets nice and early if you’re worried that you might forget. At Posh Bingo you need not worry because once you’ve got your tickets you are in the game. Your tickets will play even if you happen not to log in at the time of the game. So don’t miss this chance to win a whole lot of money for penny tickets. Get those tickets today. You can buy up to 96 tickets per game. Take full advantage of the penny prices and stock up really well on tickets for these five bingo jackpot games. Lots of tickets will definitely give you a better chance of hitting those winning bingos.

There’s £10,000 up for grabs and you can win a big slice of this prize pie at Posh Bingo this August from Thursday 26th till Monday 30th. Play each £2,000 guaranteed jackpot game in the £10K Summer Scorcher Room under the Specials tab. Buy your tickets today!

Just think of all the fun you can have with all that extra cash warming up your wallet! Here’s your chance to make this summer one you’ll never forget. Posh Bingo is always coming up with great promotions and the best prizes ever. Make the most of this chance to win big money jackpots five days in a row here. Play the £10K Summer Scorcher games at 9.45pm every evening from 26th to 30 August to win fat cash prizes playing penny bingo at Posh Bingo.


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