£10K Penny Bingo Risk Free Games at Joy of Bingo

Joy of Bingo is on a roll with some top notch online bingo promotions. The £100,000 Joy Pot promotion has already given away a humongous £50,000 in prize money and there is another £50K still up for grabs. In the mean time there is a new bingo promotion that will keep UK bingo players who are members of the Joy of Bingo network sites on their toes with four penny bingo games that have big cash jackpots.

The £10K Risk Free penny bingo games have a total jackpot worth £10,000. All this money will be paid out over four quick days where there will be one game at one Joy of Bingo site every day. Four penny bingo games will be played for increasing jackpots and ticket prices over four days.

Not only are the jackpots big and the ticket prices paltry, there is also a chance to play these games absolutely risk free. Get cash back offers depending on how many of these games you play and you can get as much as 100% of all the money spent on tickets for the £10K Risk Free games refunded if you don’t win any of the jackpots. How’s that for a super deal?

The first game will play on Thursday 14th October at Tasty Bingo. Buy tickets for 1p and play bingo for £1,000 guaranteed. All you have to do is complete the Pound Sign pattern first to scoop this penny bingo jackpot.

Play at RedBus Bingo on Friday 15th October for a £2,000 guaranteed prize pot with tickets at 2p each. All the games in this promotion will start at 10pm GMT. You can buy your tickets in advance so you don’t miss out on any of these four penny bingo games. Pick up as many as 96 tickets per alias per game. Look under the Joy tab in the games lobbies and buy tickets in the Joy Specials room.

Posh Bingo will host the third game. Tickets are 3p apiece and the prize is £3,000 guaranteed. You will have to buy tickets for each game from the host site. Play at Posh Bingo on Saturday 16th October at 10pm as usual.

The final game will be played at Wink Bingo with the biggest jackpot, £4,000, and 4p tickets. This last £10K Risk Free game will be played on Sunday 17th October.

Play all the four games and you can claim a full 100% cash back if you haven’t won any of the jackpots. Get 25% cash back if you’ve played just one game, get 50% refunded for playing two and you can get 75% cash back if you’ve tried your luck in three games. Remember to use the same email address when you register at the four bingo sites so you can get the full 100% refunded in case you don’t win.


Wagering terms and conditions apply. All details above were correct when published on October 1, 2010.
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