New Game Blocks Launches At Tombola

All details below were correct when published on 4th March 2019. 18+. UK Only. Wagering terms and conditions apply. Please gamble responsibly.

Blocks At TombolaA few years ago Tombola were the leading site when it came to trotting out different games. Pirates, Rollercoaster, Pulse and Cinco sat happily amongst the standard 75 and 90 ball variations. After that, the focus moved to Tombola Arcade, but now there’s a new kid on the block – well on the blocks to be accurate. Blocks is the name of the latest addition to Tombola. We thought we’d drop in and take a look.

How To Play Blocks

Click on the Blocks section at Tombola to access 1 of 4 different rooms: Island, Harbour, Ocean and Mountain. These rooms seem to be inspired by “mood” CDs and have appropriate relaxing music. Once you’ve selected a room it’s then a case of choosing your ticket price. You can play for 10p, 25p, 50p, £1 or £2. Players may only purchase one ticket per game – and all tickets go into the same game. The amount you pay determines the prize money you play for.

At the start of this 60 number game you have a grid of 6×6 coloured blocks with different numbers. There are 6 number blocks for each colour: pink, green, yellow, blue, red and purple. When 2 or more of the same colour block are touching you score points. Therefore when the numbers load in you’re given an immediate score. As the numbers are called the blocks fall from the grid – therefore creating new groups of 2 or more and scoring points. The game ends when a player is the first to remove six numbers of the same colour from their grid.

Blocks Prizes

There are two prizes available. There’s the Blocks prize for the player who gets ‘house’ by clearing six blocks of the same colour first. A jackpot is available and won if house is called in a fixed number of calls (10 or less). The main game prize is joined by a smaller prize for the player who gets the most points during the game. All games are quite quick despite the gentle nature of the room and it’s background music.

The big question is simply – is Blocks any good? Well yes and no is the answer. What we don’t like about it is that initially it’s quite confusing as to how to play and win. We noted that the CMs were constantly having to explain how things work. In time we suspect players will get the hang of it! Another downer is that once you figure out the score prize goes to someone with at least 500 points, you pretty much know from the start if you have a chance. Get a low score before the game gets going and it’s pretty much game over.

Our Verdict

On the flip side though Tombola have created a good variant on the bingo game. It’s different to any thing we’ve seen before and it knocks the socks off the 90 ball game + bonus round that’s standard on other platforms. The fact that it costs just 10p to play is another plus point. However, it is a game that’s going to be notoriously difficult to win. That means little to no return for many players – and we suspect that will put folks off.

It’d be nice to see players scoring over X receiving a share of the booty – at least that way Blocks would create more winners. Our advice would be to drop in for a quick look, but perhaps go to Blocks in a few weeks time when less people are playing.