Cabin Fever Could Win You A 49in LG TV

Ahoy there me hearties! Set sail for the land of Treasure Bingo in the next few days and you could be stealing a fabulous TV away from those land lubbers. If you’re not of the pirate persuasion then don’t worry because you also can join in with the next big prize game that’s taking place at Treasure Bingo on the 2nd April. Up for grabs is a 49in LG TV or a £350 cash alternative.

Cabin Fever is the name of the game and tickets are available to pre-buy now at £5 a piece! Unfortunately the time period for bagging freebies via wagering has passed. Mind you this wasn’t the best offer we’ve seen – one ticket for every £30 wagered on slots or two tickets for every £20 wagered on selected slots. However you could still buy-in to the game by using Diamonds from your loyalty rewards. Just 10 Diamonds will get you one £5 card.

We’re not quite sure why the price of the tickets is so high, although we guess it’s designed to encourage players to wager on slots. However if you’re on limited funds then wagering on slots or parting with a fiver for a prize game may not be high up on your bingo priorities. Anyway if you do decide to play then Cabin Fever is a 90 ball game that offers a Kindle for one line, Surround Sound System for two lines and the TV for the full house. Cash alternatives are available.

Slightly bettter for penny fans – and indeed fans of free bingo – is the Lucky £13K game which takes place every Friday. This is a networked game but it’s free provided you’ve been a depositing player. It’s a sliding jackpot so to bank the £10K full house you need to call in 46 balls or less. There’s a £1000 guaranteed full house prize though plus 1TG and 2TG bonus pots available.

The Lucky £13K plays at 10pm every Friday at Treasure Bingo.


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