Cash Climber Offers £5000 In Prizes

All details below were correct when published on 28th June 2018. 18+. UK Only. Wagering terms and conditions apply. Please gamble responsibly.

Cash ClimberEarlier in June, Mecca Bingo launched an exciting new room. Opening every Saturday, The Cash Climber offers £5000 in prizes including a fabulous £1500 in the final game. The great thing about all the games that take place in the Cash Climber room is that all tickets cost just 5p. So if you like cheap bingo and big prizes you know where to login on a Saturday!

Where To Play Cash Climber

The Cash Climber room opens at Mecca Bingo between 7pm and 10.30pm every Saturday. The fun starts with a £50 pot: £5 for one line, £10 for two lines and £15 for the full house. A further 5 x £4 prizes are also available as roll on prizes. The prizes increase during the evening with the total pots raising to £65, £90, £100 and £205.

If you only choose to play once in this promotion then you won’t want to miss the final game of the session. This offers £100 for two lines, £200 for two lines and a massive £1000 for the full house. Not bad for just 5p a ticket! By the way this, like all other Cash Climber games, is a roll on bingo one. Therefore there are 10 x £20 additional prizes to be won after the full house has been won.

Friday Night Firecracker

If you can’t hold on until Saturday for a big cash prize fix then make sure you visit Mecca Bingo on Friday 29th June. The Friday Night Firecracker runs from 6pm to 10pm each week. However, this week there’s double the prize money – £20,000 in total. Make sure you’re playing in the Meccarena Room, Two Little Ducks, Key To The Door or Legs Eleven for 10 cracking games every hour.

Tickets for these games are 10p each and there’s a £350 guaranteed prize for every game. This pot includes a £50 pot for roll on bingo winners. Penny players might be interested to know that there’s also a Mini Firecracker playing at 6pm to 9pm. These games take place in Key To The Door and tickets cost just 1p each. Get involved and you’ll be playing for £45 in cash prizes per game.

The Mini Firecracker is the perfect promo for bargain bingo fans. If you play every game and purchase 10 tickets per game then you’ll be able to enjoy 3 hours of bingo for just £3! That’s better value than some of the session bingo games that you can find at other sites!