Fancy Winning Cool Gadgets For Pennies?

All details below were correct when published on 12th March 2014. 18+. UK Only. Wagering terms and conditions apply. Please gamble responsibly.

By now regular visitors to Penny Bingo’s regular updates will know that every Saturday Fancy Bingo run a prize game called Fancy That. It takes place at 8pm and usually gives you the chance to win a household item, food vouchers or a gadget based on the monthly theme. As long as we remember the games have always been 1p to play… but bad news penny fans… the price has gone up!

Tickets for the Fancy That games this month are 2p each – a 100% increase! We wonder what George Osbourne makes of those rises above the base rate of inflation? The good news though is that as the price has increased so has the quality and value of prizes on offer. This week (15th March) for example you could win a Kindle Paperwhite eReader. On the 22nd March there’s a Nintendo 2DS up for grabs and the month concludes with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 prize on the 29th March.

Next month the price of the cards is meant to go back down to a penny – but we wonder whether Fancy will look at their data and check if bigger and better prizes attracts more interest? How do you feel about it penny players? Would you prefer to pay 1p for the chance to win a prize worth £30-£50 or double the ticket price and perhaps win something a little more desirable and expensive? Would you prefer cash rather than an actual prize?

As well as the Fancy That games, Fancy Bingo are also running a Mad March promotion. There’s a whole month of free bingo to be won in a prize draw. To qualify for the draw you need to play 1p 75 ball pattern bingo games that take place every hour from midday to midnight. Your task is to win on the patterns M, A, R, C and H (MARCH). Complete this and you’ll be in the draw and will also share a £200 pot.