Forbidden Planet Vouchers & Star Wars Prizes Up For Grabs

All details below were correct when published on 8th May 2017. 18+. UK Only. Wagering terms and conditions apply. Please gamble responsibly.

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, Star Wars or Star Trek then you might want to check out the latest prize promotion from City Bingo. If you’re a regular at City then you’ll know that each month the site picks a new destination as a theme. Well, for this month they’ve sent CityCat into space so all their promotions have a SciFi theme. This includes their first big prize game of May which is called Spaced Out – and there are Forbidden Planet vouchers up for grabs.

Don’t worry if you’re not a SciFi fan – you can still take part. If you win then City Bingo will offer you a cash alternative!!

Anyway, Spaced Out will play at City Bingo on the 11th May at 10.30pm. It’s a 90 ball game that will give you the chance to win £200 vouchers for the full house, £150 for two lines and £100 for one line. Tickets for the game cost £2 each or you can use 10 Diamonds. Alternatively you can pick up some freebies. These are available for this particular promotion when you deposit or wager on slots.

You’ll get one card for every £20 deposited between the 2nd and 10th May. However you can get two cards for every £10 wagered on Starburst, Star Raiders Scratch and Star Raiders Slots.

Don’t forget that City Bingo also offer you the chance to win cool prizes (or cash alternatives) with their City Souvenir games. These games take place at 10pm and ticket prizes vary from free to just a couple of pennies. Here’s a list of the prizes on offer:

  • Wed 10th May – Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar – £50
  • Wed 17th May – Star Wars Glowing Lightsabre Ice Pop Maker – £45
  • Wed 22nd May – Star Wars Stormtrooper Lava Lamp – £45
  • Wed 29th May – Star Wars Palladium Chewbacca Cufflinks – £75

The first three games listed (10th to 22nd May) will cost you 1p a ticket, whilst the final game on the 29th will cost you 2p. The values shown next to the prizes represent the cash alternative values.