Get Cards For The £5000 Lucky Penny Bingo Game

Tracking down good penny games can be quite a tough task. Most sites will give players some indications as to what’s on offer, but others are less forthcoming when dishing out the news on their cheap games. Thankfully the nice folks over at Robin Hood Bingo have given us a heads up on their bunch of bargain games and there’s some crackers on offer including the chance to win up to £5000.

The £5000 Lucky Penny game plays on the 3rd of every month at 8pm. It’s a sliding jackpot which means to scoop the big prize you will need to call house in a fixed number of calls. Now usually that won’t happen and so the prize pot decreases in value as more numbers are called. In some sliding games the pot can drop to a few tens of pounds, but thankfully in Lucky Penny there’s at least £500 guaranteed for the winner. Still a nice tidy sum for the price of a penny!!

This isn’t the only big money penny game that you’ll find at Robin Hood! There’s an In For A Penny game every Sunday at 9pm. There’s a £400 jackpot on offer and all for the princely sum of 1p a card. You can pre-buy for this one and note that the same game also plays at Moon (sister site to Robin Hood). Just head to the lobby and use the pre-buy options to make sure you don’t miss out on this weekly game.

So far we’ve offered you £5000 and £400 – but how about winning £55,000? That’d be nice wouldn’t it? On 1st May in the Grand 55 that massive sum of cash will be given away and it could be yours with a free ticket. Every day Robin Hood Bingo hold free games where you can win cards to the £55K jackpot game. You will need top be a depositing player to take part.

Finally if you’ve already joined Robin Hood Bingo then you can get a 100% reload bonus when you use the code MEGA. This code is valid daily until the 12th April so make the most of it penny fans! Wagering terms and conditions do apply.


Wagering terms and conditions apply. All details above were correct when published on April 8, 2014.
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