Get Rich With The Fancy Dwarf

The Rich Dwarf game at Fancy Bingo has a bigger jackpot on offer now – a cool £500! The cards are just 2p which is a bargain for most online bingo players; and you have to admit a £500 jackpot prize fund is an excellent return on a very small investment if you are a winner. The Rich Dwarf games play on Sundays at 9.30pm……

And remember it only takes one ticke to win at bingo and if you take part it could be you who has a win of £500 for a small 2p outlay; it would make anyone’s day or week.

The Rich dwarf might not be the best looking chap to play online bingo with but for a jackpot of £500 you can forgive him his looks, it’s a great game so even if you don’t fancy him, Fancy Bingo is still the place to go and play great games for great prices.

Did you know there is a whole host of cheap ticket games available at the Fancy Bingo site? Well you do now; try your hand at the Dancing Queen, jackpot £50 for 1p a ticket, The Cash Cow jackpot which offers a £75 prize fund for 1p a ticket or how about The Friendly Forest online bingo game, offering a jackpot of £100 with tickets again just 1p.

Give Fancy Bingo a go, sign up to a site that offers fantastically cheap games and not
forgetting free bingo too – have fun you deserve it!


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