How Are Bingo Sites Linked & Related

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Have you ever had a moment of deja vu when entering a new bingo site? The rooms, the chat and the jackpots all look very familiar. This is not unusual because many of the 100s of UK bingo sites online are related. This means that they share games, chat hosts and prizes. We usually describe a group of sites offering the same games as a network. For example, the Live Bingo Network on Cozy Games, or the 15 Network on Jumpman.

Open The Doors To The Same Room

Our simplified diagram below shows how things work. Imagine a group of 4 different bingo sites as 4 different doors. You can enter via any of the doors, but ultimately you end up in the same area. For example, Yay, Hunky, Zinger and Blighty are all at first glance individual brands. However, they are all on the Dragonfish Real Money Network. Login to any of these brands – i.e. go through the door – and you’ll end up in the Real Money Network lobby.

How Sites Are Related

As mentioned above, this is a simplified explanation. With some networks things get a little more complicated. For example, Jackpotjoy and Heart Bingo may share some games such as linked jackpots. However, they will also run their own rooms so that players are just playing against others from that brand. Our graphic below demonstrates this.

Linked Rooms

Linked Jackpots

Players entering via Door 1 (Site 1) have access to their own games. Likewise, players using Site 2 (Door 2). However, occasionally linked jackpot games occur or the brands share the same rooms. Therefore, players from both sites will have access to these games. A good example of this is the Deal Or No Deal rooms that can be found on Virtue Fusion bingo sites.

If you’re on a Virtue Fusion site playing Deal Or No Deal 75 ball or 90 ball, then you’re always in the same room. Winners of the games can be from any of the participating brands and there’s not one full house prize per site.

Why Do Sites Share Rooms & Jackpots?

The reason why sites share rooms, jackpots and/or are intrinsically linked is because it’s more economical to run than a bunch of standalone sites. They not only share games and jackpots, but chat resources, prize promotions, helplines and banking.

At the height of the online bingo boom, many sites wanted to go it alone. However, over time more and more overlapping has occurred. As a rule of thumb, the bigger brands like Gala, Mecca, Foxy, Tombola and Jackpotjoy are more likely to have their own bingo rooms. Out of those, only Tombola is truly “on it’s own”.

Hopefully this little guide gives you an insight into how bingo sites are linked.