Mecca Bingo Launch New Prize Raffles Channel

All details below were correct when published on 21st April 2021. 18+. UK Only. Wagering terms and conditions apply. Please gamble responsibly.

Mecca RafflesMecca Raffles is a brand new channel on Mecca Bingo that gives players the chance to win prizes by paying for tickets. Prizes on offer vary but include gadgets such as iPhones and TVs, cash and vouchers plus a year of bingo. To get involved all you have to do is login to Mecca Bingo, purchase your tickets and wait for the prize draw. But are these raffles a good addition to Mecca Bingo and are they worth entering?

What Are Mecca Raffles

By definition a raffle is a “gambling competition in which people obtain numbered tickets” and in essence that’s exactly how Mecca Raffles works. Each competition has a limited number of available tickets, players purchase those tickets, and once all sold or the closing date reached a winner is drawn. However The UK Gambling Commission state that raffles cannot be run for any commercial gain or profit. So what we actually have here are pay to enter competitions. To also appease The UKGC rules a no purchase necessary route is included.

How To Enter Mecca Raffles

To enter a raffle at Mecca Bingo you need to be registered, logged in and be a funded player. Once logged in you simply click to the ‘raffles’ section and choose which of the prizes you’d love to win. You then choose the number of tickets you’d like to purchase (minimum 1 or 2 up to a maximum of 20) and then buy your tickets. At time of launch all tickets cost either 50p or £1. Each raffle has a fixed number of tickets that can be purchased and a closing date. The competition will close when one of those is reached and the prize awarded. As far as we’re aware no closing dates get extended and no cash alternatives are awarded.

Free Entry Route

As mentioned above in order to comply with UKGC regulations Mecca do offer a no purchase necessary postal route. To use this option you need to be registered with Mecca Bingo and then send in your entry via postcard and first class post. But is it actually worth it? For competitions that cost 50p and £1 we’d say that it isn’t. A first class stamp will set you back 85p and add in the cost of a postcard you may as well just pay £1 and enter online. If more expensive draws are added in the future then the NPN route will be worth considering.

Is It Gambling?

Although these are competitions or raffles they are basically gambling. You are wagering a cash sum in order for the chance to win a prize. In many respects this is exactly the same kind of mechanic that you’d find for ITV competitions where you spend a couple of quid to enter via SMS. The difference here versus ITV for example is that the number of entries are limited for Mecca Raffles whereas ITV are unlimited. You can consider it as a bet – e.g you’re laying £1 at odds of 1500/1 to win an iPhone 12 because Mecca limit the number of entries to 1500.

Are They Safe To Enter?

There are numerous sites running raffles or pay to enter competitions that are similar in format to Mecca Bingo’s Raffles. These sites don’t need to be regulated or follow responsible play rules. Mecca Bingo however is regulated and because Raffles is an integral part of the site then entrants have access to deposit limits, exclusions etc. Mecca have also limited the number of tickets you can purchase per competition and at launch the prices are reasonable. When compared to other raffle services we think Mecca lead the way in responsible play by a country mile.

Should I Enter?

Because Mecca have integrated the raffles into their site it means you can use the same wallet to enter the competitions. However there’s nothing to force players to take part. They are there as part of the service alongside the bingo rooms, slots and live casino. We do think they are worth a look especially at launch as prizes are guaranteed. This means that if only a few tickets are sold then the prizes are won. Also because the prices are reasonable then you’re only playing 50p or £1 that you might otherwise wager on a bingo game.

Penny’s Thoughts On Mecca Raffles

Through our sister site at Loquax we cover many raffle sites and win a house competitions. They are increasing in popularity and at some sites the prizes are incredible. For example Elite Competitions recently gave away £500,000! However these sites are unregulated and don’t have the same rules that bingo and slots brands have. In a lot of respects, especially responsible play, they should have because they are gambling. Adding raffles within a safe and responsible vehicle like Mecca Bingo makes a lot of sense. Hopefully it’s the start of an exciting channel for Mecca players but more importantly improvements in responsible play when it comes to other raffle services.

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