Play Tombola Worlds For A Penny

All details below were correct when published on 24th January 2019. 18+. UK Only. Wagering terms and conditions apply. Please gamble responsibly.

Tombola WorldsOne of the highlights from Tombola over the years has been their daily free game. Go Fish and more recently Stars offered players the chance to win prizes. Stars required no deposit and was available at both Tombola and Tombola Arcade. However all good things come to an end. To kick of 2019 Tombola have a new game called Worlds. It offers cash prizes but to play you’ll need to spend the princely sum of 1p per day.

How To Play Tombola Worlds

Tombola Worlds is an instant win game. To play you’ll first need a code. This code is sent to your mobile weekly via an SMS message, just as they were for Stars. Sign up to receive these messages to receive your code. Once the code has been entered you can then play Worlds. Spend just a penny to play.

Worlds consists of a brick house in the centre of a small world. Inside the house are 23 occupants who need to go to their required areas. Press the red button on the house and Giants, Centaurs, Wizards, Elves, Goblins and Dwarves appear. To win Worlds you need to have the required number of creatures in a selected zone. For example to win the £1000 top prize you will require eight wizards.

Odds Of Winning Worlds

When playing Worlds you can click the red button to release one occupant at a time. However if you’re short on time then just click it quickly to release all occupants. The game itself is quite fun and for just 1p great value. However it is dissapointing that the free game has gone. In addition you can only play Worlds once per day.

We’re not quite sure of the odds of winning on Tombola Worlds. However there’s £35,000 to be won every week and prizes range from £5 to £1000. At time of writing Tombola were reporting that they have three £1000 winners in the previous week. One thing that’s not clear is if the £35,000 is guaranteed to be won.

Should You Play Worlds Daily

At 1p a play Worlds is a good value game. However we can’t help feel a little bit cheated as it has replaced Stars that was free. Other free daily games like Go Fish required a wager of at least £2 a week to participate – but after that it was free. Plus of course you got a second game at Tombola Arcade. In truth it does feel like the odds of winning anything on Worlds is quite remote. That said we’ve never won anything on any of Tombola’s free games to date either.

So should you play Tombola Worlds? If you have a penny left over after a session then why not give it a whirl. You could get incredibly lucky and win the £1000 prize. However, unlike Stars, Worlds is no longer on our list of daily things to must do. This means visiting Tombola is now less frequent. It’ll be interesting to see whether other Tombola players feel the same. If they do then Tombola may rethink their options with respect to the daily game.