Spin For £2000 Of Free Gala Bingo

We love a bit of free bingo but sometimes free has to come at a small price. The question for discerning bargain bingo players is whether paying out a few quid is worth the reward at the end of the day. Gala Bingo for example are offering their players access to a free bingo room every Friday in June but to get your pass to the room you’ll need to wager on slots.


To get access to The Martini Room, which is open between 6pm and 8pm on the 10th and 17th June you need to wager £10 and take part in Gala’s current £1 Million Slots Promotion. By spinning the slots you’ll have the chance to win a share of the cash prizes that are on offer for that week – plus you get your free bingo room pass.

The free room will offer £2000 in prizes during the two hours it’s open. All games will play as Roll On Bingo and all winnings will be credited to the bingo bonus balance (so wagering terms will apply). So here’s the big question for you – is wagering £10 on slots for the chance to win a share of £1million plus access to £2000 free bingo worth doing?

The answer could be “yes” if you don’t mind playing slots. If you’re not keen on them then stay away from the promotion! If you’re in the “yes” camp then you need to look at how much you would usually spend on bingo. If you’re a true bargain bingo player then you may only pay a few pounds a week – but if you’re happy to wager £10 on a Friday night – ask yourself how long it takes you to play?

You need to decide whether a £10 spin for the chance to play for £2000 in a “free” bingo room represents good value for you. We think it’s not a bad deal, but then we’d happily wager £10 in a couple of hours during a bingo session.


Wagering terms and conditions apply. All details above were correct when published on June 6, 2016.
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