Tidying Up On The Front Lines With Bingo

What do you think of when you think of the British army? Almost certainly their courage and steadfastness and reputation as one of the world’s finest fighting, peacekeeping and relief-providing forces. But did you know that the squaddie has long been a dabber? Tidy Bingo did and thought they’d try to raise spirits with a little gift when being so far away from home must be even more painful than it usually is.

British soldiers have been dabbing – presumably with a fountain pen or pencil – their numbers since the middle of the 19th century. The trenches of World War I were filled with little bingo schools. It’s such an easy game to play, such a good way to bring people together and morale is any army’s secret weapon.

The same is true for our troops in Afghanistan, but Tidy heard a whisper that one game was in danger of dying out because of a lack of supplies. Such was the demand, that our boys were in danger of having to scratch their numbers into the dust. Tidy sent supplies, due to arrive in time for Christmas, so the game could go ahead. As well as plenty of tickets and markers, the new site also packed up some prizes for the guys and gals on the front line. They say a Tidy t-shirt was designed as a booby prize, but chocolates and an iTunes voucher are bound to go down well wherever you are.

Tidy are hoping to report back on the success of their gift in due course – which arrived safely, courtesy of the British Forces Post Office – and well done to them for thinking outside the box in such an effective way at this time of year. Tidy aren’t just thinking of the forces though, they’ve got an exciting set of promotions ready for the first month of 2014 and if you haven’t already joined this go-getting new site there’s never been a better time to Tidy up your bingo life.


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