Will You Be The Last Bingo Player Standing To Win £10,000?

If you’re a fan of Ninja Warrior UK then you’ll know that the aim is to be the last person standing and hopefully get to the top of Mount Midoriyama. Well, Heart Bingo have kind of adopted a similar approach for their latest promotion – except you don’t need to do any physical exercise to become the last person standing. You just need to play bingo!

Ticket to the Top runs from the 6th March to the 24th March but you need to get involved today (6th March) otherwise you’ll miss out. Head to Heart Bingo and opt-in to take part. Once you’re in to win then you must visit Heart Bingo daily and wager at least £1 in the Candy Club. If you miss a day then you’re out of the tournament!

All players who wager daily up to and including the 24th March will be the last bingo players standing and will share a £10,000 prize. However, if during the tournament one player is left then they will be automatically be announced as the winner and will take home all the cash.

It sounds a little complicated but all you have to remember is opt-in today (6th March) then visit daily until the 24th March to wager £1 in Candy Club. Do that and you’re taking home a share of the spoils. We’ve seen this kind of promotion before for casino sites (e.g. Heart’s sister site at Virgin Games) but we think this may be a first for bingo?

What do you think of the tournament? We quite like the idea but are a little disappointed that Heart are only giving players a short period to opt-in. There’s no reference to the promo on Heart’s homepage or social media! We think they could easily have launched the promo on the 1st rather than the 3rd so that non-weekend players had more chance to sign-up. Hopefully though not too many regulars will miss out on getting involved with Ticket to the Top!


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