Win A Car Every Day At William Hill Bingo

William Hill Bingo has a promotion that will wipe the floor with any other in October, and all you lucky online bingo players can take part. So how do you take part in this exciting promotion?

Well of course you will need to be a member of William Hill Bingo, so if you haven’t already joined then we suggest you jump to it pronto! Once you have joined the site you will be ready to rock n’ roll and take part in the Win a Car Every Day promotion.

Taking part is simplicity itself!

Basically William Hill Bingo players will need to spend money on games to earn points which can then be converted into entries into the special prize draw the following day. To earn 1 point online bingo players can spend £1 on bingo cards, £5 on scratchcards or £10 on instant slot games. The more points that online bingo players earn then the more entries they will receive.

For players who manage to earn 3 to 4 points they will receive one free entry into the daily prize draw to win a Fiat Panda or a Fiat 500. Players who achieve 5 to 9 points will receive 3 entries and for players who gain more than 10 points they will receive 5 entries. Players can also gain entries even by playing the free bingo games at the William Hill Bingo site as well as calling on the number 61.

There is a leaderboard up at the site so you can keep an eye on your progress each day.


Wagering terms and conditions apply. All details above were correct when published on October 4, 2011.
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