Win an Apple iPad With Wink’s World Cup Revenge

All details below were correct when published on 18th June 2010. 18+. UK Only. Wagering terms and conditions apply. Please gamble responsibly.

Get your revenge on all the World Cup mad people in your life at Wink Bingo. Take a break from the endless discussions and arguments on which team is better and who’s a better player. No access to the TV because the resident footie freak is hogging it? Come over to Wink Bingo and play the World Cup Revenge games. They’re great fun and are sure to make you feel better because you get to throw things!

Throw microwaves, hand bags, shoes and irons at the TV, the Beer cans and even at the man himself and win points. That’s not all – win a whole load of fabulous prizes too in this incredibly funny game that you can play all through the World Cup. Hit the guy, the TV or the beer cans and get points. But if you hit the cat or the window you will lose points.

Choose your weapon and let loose because the player with the most points at the end of this promotion will win a fabulous 16GB Apple iPad with Wi Fi. Get to the top 10 on the leader board and win marvelous prizes including a Violet BlackBerry Curve 8520, a Sterling Silver Tiffany Crown Key necklace, 16GB iPod Nano, shopping vouchers, and a whole lot of other great things.

This is your chance to get a little of your own back for all the grief the World Cup and the craze around it is giving you. Fling a microwave or a pair of pointy stilettos at the bane of your existence and feel the satisfaction flow through your veins! It’s time to get your revenge for all those meals you ate on your own, all the extra chores that you ended up doing and all those hours you’ve spent being completely ignored.

Play the world Cup Revenge games at Wink Bingo every day right up till 11th July. You can play once every day. Just make sure you’ve funded your account on that day before you play. Yu will get five chances to hit and collect points in the game. Take a deep breath and fling your weapon at the TV, the beer cans or the man.

Score a direct hit and get a huge lot of points and a lot of laughs too. Hit the man and he will see stars. Hit the beer cans and send the whole lot crashing down. A direct hit at the TV will break it and make you feel loads better. There is a twist to add some excitement to the game too. If you hit the cat or break the window you will forfeit points.

Play daily and get your points. Climb up to the top 10 positions on the leader board and win something really special as a treat for putting up with the World Cup. You definitely deserve it! The World Cup Revenge is on at Wink Bingo and you have a license to throw!